Dinner For Wolves            

I’m sure coming across this page, you may be curious as to what it’s all about. Who I am, and what I think it is that I have to say that it important enough for you to listen, well read about it. And the fact is, I don’t see myself as any more interesting or important than anyone else out there, I just choose to take the time after a really busy day to sit down, write, and share some of my experiences. My interests are vast, and the amount of things I put time and energy into are many, so I feel I can talk about some subjects with relative authority, even though anyone reading this may be infinitely more knowledgeable. That seem like a really convoluted way to start a blog, and it’s mostly because there is just so much going on upstairs at the time of writing this, that I’m not exactly sure which points are coherent.

So let me start at the start, with a little bit about who I am and how I came to become the person I am today. It all started back in childhood, when I first watched the move Conan The Barbarian. I’m pretty sure I was way to young to be watching the movie at the time, but my dad didn’t really exercise a lot of restraint when it came to movies, I’m sure he assumed that I should be able to tell real life apart from what’s on the screen. But watching that movie, I first got to see Arnold, in all his post Mr. Universe glory, and it changed something inside me, something that wanted to emulate that physique and to become as big as he was, as strong, and as captivating in terms of attention from both men and women.

It was only a few days later that I got permission from my dad to start using his weight sets, and as an eleven year old kid, with every five pounds I went up, I felt like a superman. It wasn’t too many months passed that I started to notice the differences. I would stand in front of the mirror and flex for hours, With my tiny budding biceps, and never being discouraged. I would always look for the newly developed, go to the library and pull out any book I could find on weight lifting and body sculpting, which at the time admittedly wasn’t much.

I kept up with this daily workout routine well into the start of high school. For six years I had put in work on the weight bench, and needless to say, when I first stepped into the halls of the local high school, I didn’t have to worry too much about hazing. It’s funny, when you have a physique at a young age, everyone seems to want to be associated with you, like putting in the work to look good somehow made you better, I was more worried about getting home and hitting the weights again.

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